Government Scholarships

Grants in Aided Programmes Via the office for SC/ST/OEC/OBC/General Students

  1. Egrants
  2. Fisheries Egrants
  • Online Scholarships
    1. Post Matric Scholarship (PMS)
    2. Central Sector Scholarship (CSS)
    3. District Merit Scholarship (DMS)
    4. Merit Scholarship to the Children of School Teachers (MSCT)
    5. Hindi Scholarship (HS)
    6. Muslim Nadar Girls Scholarship (MNS)
    7. Sanskrit Scholarship (SSE)
    8. Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship (SJMS)
    9. Muslim Girls Scholarship (Paloli Committee Scholarship) (MGS)
    10. Blind / PH Scholarship (BPHFC)
    11. Music Fine Arts Scholarship (MFAS)
    12.Scholarship for dependent of Jawans (JS)
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